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Sarah Lohman Explains Exactly How Today's Jewelry Is Going From "Forever" To The More Elegant "Immortal" 

Exclusive. Original. Unique.

Finally! The High-End Boho Jewelry Store
We've All Been Waiting For

Times Have Changed, And This Collection Of High-Quality Jewelry With Artistic Flair That Reflects This Generation's Favorite Stones Is Leading The Way Into The NEW ERA Of Jewelry

Limited Spots Available! (See Below For Details)

It's amazing, man. Just look at how great her stuff looks!... I look at her Gallery every week!

- Rich Dering (Husband of One of Sarah's Regular's Husband) 

The REASON The VIP List Is So Coveted

The Jewelry Artist Is Beautiful. The Jewelry Stunning. And You, The Central Element In The Artist's Masterpiece, Must Settle For Nothing Less Than Divine

Ruby & Sapphire

The wild-side of the of summer stays with you year round with this faceted Sapphire an Ruby-spotted necklace comes in a thin line of elegance that commands the authority of the room. The woman who wears this necklace is seen, heard, respected, and revered for her wisdom & she's earned the admiration people give her.


The Pendant! The intriguing gaze of is it white or is it clear? Or is it closer to... Rainbow? Stare at it for hours, or wear it to feel the the ebb & flow of strength and serine clarity resonate through you, just like the tides, as the cool stone rests peacefully against your bodyand never forget to wear it for a charge of energy around a full moon.

Connemara Marble

High-Quality, shipped from Ireland, this soothing stone beauty is as fascinating as they come. With a (Shape Of Pendant) pendant centering the weight of the piece, the Connemara marble stones run all the way up the necklace, with the (Name Of Round Bead) separating the lime green stones being the only interruption, running the length of the necklace like the scales on an enchanting snake.